• Project “Gesture of Gratitude”

    Nowerdays a large number of soldiers who were wounded during hostilities do not have enough money for effective long-term physical rehabilitation and treatment. The state is not able to allocate enough funds to fully help everyone.

    The problem of a large number of people who have lost their limbs as a result of injury is particularly difficult. There are also a large number of military personnel who have health problems due to severe concussions and need long-term treatment.

    The purpose of the Gesture of Gratitude project:

    Provision of material assistance during 2023 to 20 military personnel who received severe concussions for the purpose of their treatment, rehabilitation and improvement of health.

    Also, providing material assistance to 5 soldiers who lost their limbs in order to purchase high-quality prostheses for them, conducting prosthetics surgery.

    The total project budget for 2023: 80 600 EUR 


    Who do we help?

    He joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine in April 2022. He was in heavy battles for Severodonetsk, Lysychansk and Bakhmut.

    He received a severe concussion, which caused health problems – his arm almost does not work, and his hearing is very impaired.


    • Ultrasound of the shoulder joint
    • MRI of the head
    • Consultation of a traumatologist
    • Medicines: Menovazin, Revmoksikam

    Total amount for needs: 100 EUR

    He joined the Armed Forces in 2014. A veteran of the Anti-terrorist operation. A fighter of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Kharkiv region.

    Received 2 severe contusions during the battle, due to which he has serious health problems. Diagnosis: Bekhterev’s disease (may become disabled).

    Needs: ampoules of Humira in the form of injections.

    Total amount for needs: 1250 EUR